The Old Manly Boatshed

40 The Corso Manly
Thursday October 6th
Showtime 7.30-11.30pm

Kim Griffin
Kim Griffin is a Sydney based singer/songwriter. Through her songs she questions her own assumptions and explores where humanity ends and society begins.Her music is a mix of genres ranging from popular and folk to country and indie. The music feels intimate and the lyrics are to the fore. Kim has been writing at a prolific rate since a young age. In her set you will find songs that were written ten years ago alongside music that is only a few weeks old. The result is a range of styles from bitter sweet to naïve, energetic enthusiasm.Whether she is singing about lost friendships or how cool birds are, there is always that sense of honesty and closeness that makes live music so special.
Dan Crestani
Spending his youth writing and playing in assorted outfits, Dan Crestani has just come back out of the woodwork to begin writing and performing once again. Dan has become a familiar face jamming around Sydney haunts, reiterated by the names of some of the artists he’s toured with, been a part of, and supported: Sticky Fingers, Bootleg Rascal, Lyall Moloney, The Walking Who and Tin Sparrow
Four a.m. Taras and Tom are relaxing on a floor covered in leads, broken strings, slides, drum parts, big amps and guitars. Toms kick leg is almost broken, and Taras has blood on his fingers; it was a good jam. A Nirvana documentary is playing on a laptop, and someone mentions how the music will SLAM the listener. Tom murmurs ‘that’d be a good band name…”Taras freaks out characteristically, throwing his hands around and jabbering nonstop. Thats SLAM in a nutshell, or whats left of a nutshell after these guys jam in it.
Little Coyote
Little Coyote is pulsating bass lines and melodic grooves. It’s thundering drum beats and fabled stories. It’s an expression that can invoke the spirits or heal the sick. It’s all of these things and none of them simultaneously. It’s a look into the electric cool aid without having to take a drink, but we think you might be thirsty, in which case… we can only hope it’s your cup of tea. Little Coyote is your guide down the rabbit hole into tripped-out-indie-rock. Whether inspiring hope or psychosis, what’s most important is that your blood is pumping and your skin is tingling the way it does when you hear a song with that indescribable something. This wily band of coyotes includes bassist Gareth Bussey, guitarist Matt Coates, vocalist Judd English, and heavy-hitting drummer Anthony Dinh. Judd and Anto have been friends since they met in early days of high school, but it wasn’t long before Matt joined the rout and the three of them have been causing mischief ever since.

The Duck Inn

Duck Inn

The Duck Inn

74 Rose Street, Chippendale 
Sunday 18th Sept
Showtime 5.00-8.00pm

Frances Castley
“Frances Castley is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter and performer. Her musical journey began with a guitar, a Delta Goodrem album and internet connection. Starting out as a bedroom singer whose YouTube Videos proved to be 7 years of much needed soul therapy throughout her teenage-hood, Frances now finds herself with years of experience busking on the streets, performing at venues all over Sydney, and co-running live music entertainment business, Sydney Acoustic Duo, for weddings and corporate events. In December 2015, Frances released her first acoustic EP “Meet Me On the Other Side” with its launch at the Brighton Up Bar being a success. She released her first single “The Conversation” in June 2016. After years of refining her craft as a folk singer, Frances is now dabbling and experimenting with electronic sounds and hopes to create her own unique musical conglomeration. She expects to launch her next EP in December 2016.”
Sharlene Rainford
Born an only child to her only parents Sharlene, also referred to as Charli by her peers, is a self-taught singer/songwriter from Sydney. She first picked up a guitar at the painful age of 16; then she realised it wasn’t hers and put it down again. Now Sharlene has her own guitar and a growing collection of other instruments. From showroom dummies to death row inmates, Sharlene draws on life experience and topics ranging from the relevant to the irrelevant. Her songs are sometimes dark, occasionally funny, often moving, but never boring.
Damien Binder
Singer-songwriter Damien Binder has been writing & recording his original style of moody alt/folk/rock for the last ten years. Since his self-titled debut album in October 2000, Damien has gone on to perform both nationally and internationally, supporting some of the world’s leading acts. He has played at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas and supported the likes of David Gray, Marianne Faithfull and Ani De Franco. He has previously been a finalist in the prestigious NZ APRA Silver Scroll Award for Songwriting, and also a finalist for the International Song Writing Competition (ISC) on many occasions. With his soul-searching songs, Damien’s music has been likened to such artists as Crowded House, Ryan Adams, and Evan Dando. Reviewers have often described Damien’s songs as intelligent song craft, exquisite and honest. Currently he’s writing songs for his fourth solo album, a few of which, he promises to share this evening.
Kahlo is a rising name in the Sydney music scene, captivating audiences with her intimate lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies. Her soaring voice and haunting presence steals your heart as she weaves stories from her past that would otherwise be left untold.