40 The Corso Manly
Wednesday July 6th
Showtime 7.30-11.30pm

Dane Owen
Dane’s musical career started as a teenager in his friend’s garage in Northern NSW. Predominantly a guitar player at first, Dane began singing and songwriting a few years later. Dane recorded his debut EP “Fuzzy Thoughts and the Monster’s Delirium”, which was completed in 2016. As well as being his debut recording, and a work of love, there is also a lot of personal history behind each of these songs. Now located in Sydney, Dane enjoys playing gigs at various pubs and cafes and sharing his musical talents.
Kim Griffin
Kim Griffin is a Sydney based singer/songwriter. Through her songs she questions her own assumptions and explores where humanity ends and society begins.Her music is a mix of genres ranging from popular and folk to country and indie. The music feels intimate and the lyrics are to the fore. Kim has been writing at a prolific rate since a young age. In her set you will find songs that were written ten years ago alongside music that is only a few weeks old. The result is a range of styles from bitter sweet to naïve, energetic enthusiasm.Whether she is singing about lost friendships or how cool birds are, there is always that sense of honesty and closeness that makes live music so special.
Dan Crestani
Spending his youth writing and playing in assorted outfits, Dan Crestani has just come back out of the woodwork to begin writing and performing once again. Dan has become a familiar face jamming around Sydney haunts, reiterated by the names of some of the artists he’s toured with, been a part of, and supported: Sticky Fingers, Bootleg Rascal, Lyall Moloney, The Walking Who and Tin Sparrow
“Indigenous singer/songwriter Carl Stewart has had a diverse and unique life journey, with great challenges and great joys along the way. His music is a reflection of this journey and has been a pathway to healing, expression and the sharing of stories. In 2009, after years of writing songs in his living room and playing to the occasional backyard BBQ audience Carl formed the ‘Carl Stewart Band’. The songs are original, raw and sometimes gritty, reflecting personal life experiences of love, heartache and triumph, to world views and his indigenous heritage. The music is a mixture of Acoustic strings, backed by Electric guitar, ranging from clean melodies to heavy riffs. It’s roots with a touch of blues and rock, which creates a melodic blending of sounds that intertwine perfectly with powerful and raw lyrics, drawing its listeners in to create a reflecting experience.”

2 Kalinya St,
Newport NSW 2106
Thursday 27th April 

Showtime 6pm. 


Agnes O’Dwyer
Aggy is a singer song writer who has been gigging around Sydney for the past 3 years, and been playing music for as long as she can remember. She performs both solo, and with her band. With a passion for writing, her songs are her form of self expression. She is inspired by her Irish roots and the work of Jeff Buckley, Laura Marling and the band Daughter. Aggy hopes to pursue her music career even more so this year.
Aimee Lou
Aimee Lou is a singer songwriter from the northeast of England and grew up with her dads love of music infecting her ears. Aimee Lou’s style is Motown meets blue eyed soul. Currently working towards the end of her first album, Aimee Lou hopes to release her first track in the next few months.