40 The Corso Manly
Wednesday June 8th
Showtime 7.30-11.30pm

Sam Lily
A busker from Manly and writes and performs melodic acoustic music. He likes to create intricate minimalistic music; If there’s guitar he’s good to go. His lyrics are a way for him to express the strong feelings that he does’nt always show and he considers his deep poetic lyrics are what listeners are most interested in. Hoping they can connect with the meaning in his music and share the feelings behind it.
Agnes O’Dwyer
Aggy is a singer song writer who has been gigging around Sydney for the past 3 years, and been playing music for as long as she can remember. She performs both solo, and with her band. With a passion for writing, her songs are her form of self expression. She is inspired by her Irish roots and the work of Jeff Buckley, Laura Marling and the band Daughter. Aggy hopes to pursue her music career even more so this year.
Aimee Lou
Aimee Lou is a singer songwriter from the northeast of England and grew up with her dads love of music infecting her ears. Aimee Lou’s style is Motown meets blue eyed soul. Currently working towards the end of her first album, Aimee Lou hopes to release her first track in the next few months.
Little Coyote
Little Coyote is pulsating bass lines and melodic grooves. It’s thundering drum beats and fabled stories. It’s an expression that can invoke the spirits or heal the sick. It’s all of these things and none of them simultaneously. It’s a look into the electric cool aid without having to take a drink, but we think you might be thirsty, in which case… we can only hope it’s your cup of tea. Little Coyote is your guide down the rabbit hole into tripped-out-indie-rock. Whether inspiring hope or psychosis, what’s most important is that your blood is pumping and your skin is tingling the way it does when you hear a song with that indescribable something. This wily band of coyotes includes bassist Gareth Bussey, guitarist Matt Coates, vocalist Judd English, and heavy-hitting drummer Anthony Dinh. Judd and Anto have been friends since they met in early days of high school, but it wasn’t long before Matt joined the rout and the three of them have been causing mischief ever since.