40 The Corso Manly
Thursday Dec 6th 
Showtime 7.30-11.30pm

Ross Brain
After slinking around the rich Manly music scene for many years – popping up occasionally on an available microphone to do guest vocals, or squeezing in a single song between sets (amongst the likes of Aaron Huston, Jeff Stanley and Mark Budd). After years of simply attending Songwriters Live (even since its early incarnation at a different pub across the Corso and on a Thursday night) as a punter, and slinking back down to the Boatshed to hear a certain Canadian and a certain Kiwi. After receiving ongoing praise for his songwriting in regular appearances at Desire Books and other open mic nights, as well as in backyards and on balconies, the elusive and enigmatic figure that is Ross Brain, has accepted the opportunity to slink onto the Sonwriters Live stage at Manly Boatshed to give his usual combination of humour, honesty, lateral thinking and melody
Zach Odgers
Zach Odgers has been performing on the local Northern Beaches music scene for the better part of the last two years, and in the early months of 2015 decided to expand his sound by recruiting a band. Enter Jonno Keen on bass and Monjie Echevarria on the drums. Together the three of them became Zach Odgers & The East Coast Low. Named after the cyclonic weather system that passes over the east coast of Australia at the beginning of the colder months every year, the band promises to be equal parts destructive and harmonious, bringing stories of love, loss and everything in between mixed with catchy indie folk choruses and rock and roll aesthetic and creativity that doesn’t just come to town once a year, but all year round.
Taras, born in Hawaii and raised in British Columbia Canada, is a lifetime blues/Americana guitarist and singer songwriter. With a sensitive and introspective side to his lyrics and vocals, he creates a unique blend with his hard hitting southern guitar style. He utilises a refreshing “in the moment” ability to freestyle riffs, chord changes and vocal shifts as one of the many interesting sides to his live performance. Taras has performed up and down the west coast of North America, and, simply put, is an audio treat to sit back and listen to every time.
Dande and the Lion
5 piece indie-rock band Dande and The Lion combine dark, playful harmonies and infectious grooves, inviting your body to move. Currently laying down tracks for a more permanent dose of the Dande, best to keep these up-and-comers on your radar!
They hope to see you soon..